Consumer Satisfaction Survey
Your satisfaction during your time spent at SCIL is important to our continued success in working with people with disabilities.  Therefore, I would like to know if your experience with our staff met your expectations.  By completing this survey you will not only let us know how well the staff served you, but also how we might improve in what we do.
If you would like assistance in completing this survey, please call (909) 621-6722.
Thank you!
Larry Grable, Executive Director
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During the past six months, how many times did you contact SCIL? *

What was the reason you contacted SCIL? (Check all that apply) *

Was the SCIL staff helpful? *

Did you work with a staff member to develop an independent living plan? *

Did the ILP include goals for you to complete?

Did you complete those goals?

Do you have other concerns that the SCIL staff could help you address? *

If yes, please explain:

Overall, how would you rate the quality of the service(s) SCIL provided? *

Would you refer others to SCIL? *

Is there anything else we should know or that you would like to tell us?

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